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Wisa Msukwa

WisaI just wanted to appreciate for everything you paid ma school fees during college for 2 years , I graduated in 2013 now am doing temporary jobs

Evance Roosevelt Msukwa

Through your financial assistance towards my education I managed t graduate from the Univesity of Malawi with a Bachelor of Arts Degree  with Credit (Philosophy, Sociology and Theology) I am thankful to all who assisted me financially, Materially, and orally, during the whole  period of my studies. Without your support it was impossible for me to  reach this far. Your support has made a difference in my life as well  as my family. my family is also glad to see me through with my  education because of your support.
Currently, I am working as a secondary school teacher at Chichiri Secondary School – a Malawi government secondary school.
With the money am getting from my work am paying for my studies at  the same University where I am doing a Masters Degree in Political
Philosophy. Any assistance towards the same is welcome because the  money am getting is not enough to make me complete my studies. if all goes well I will be graduating with a Masters degree September next year.

Once more, thank you very much.

Evance Roosevelt Msukwa

Youngson Silumbu

Thank you very much. I was at chitipa sec school, from 1995-1999 I also  went to Chinamwali pvt sec school, it was in 2000. In 2001 I went to a  Driving school, In 2002 I started a work up to 2009. In 2010 I joined  Ministry of Information Malawi Goverment as a Driver its where am  working. Am looking forward to upgrade my Driving Licence and do  mechanics which i tarted but due to school fees I stopped.

Msukwa, Franco F

Dear one and all,

I write to thank you for the financial support that you have provided towards my studies, starting from secondary to tertiary education.

I am very much happy to inform you that I have so far completed three levels of my studies in Banking and these are Certificate, Diploma and advanced diploma in Banking. Currently I am working for Standard Bank Malawi however, I am also planning to further my career and skills by getting enrolled for a bachelor’s degree in Banking and Finance or in any related field which will perhaps take me two years to finish. Once again I really appreciate your support and I hope you will continue to do that.

Yours Sincerely
Franco Msukwa.

Atusaye Mogha

AtusayaI will be graduating in June 2018 after obtaining a diploma certificate which I will send to you after graduating. My performance in class is above average. I have also ed my class photos. I always appreciate your assistance. God bless you all.



Gertrude Mogha

First of all let me thank you for making me what i am today. In 2003 Was enrolled at Zips College of Accountancy in Zomba and studying Business Administration of which i came out with a credit. thereafter i was picked to Police Training School in Blantyre for a period of one year of which i passed also. After finishing my carrier i started working at the same Police Training school as an Administrator and Secretary. Now I am in Zomba maintaining the same position. I have dreams to continue with my carrier up to Diploma level soon.

May the Lord Bless You as you continue to change our lives.