2020 projects

In 2020 we supported 2 large projects.
The education program for illiterate people started in April. The government pays the teachers, our foundation helped with the purchase of books and teaching materials € 25.00 p.p. Initially there were 120 registrations, when they heard that they had to buy books themselves, 100 were dropped. Hence this help.

The second project is our corn project.
A large piece of land has been rented to grow corn. They want to use this corn in the future to provide a meal for the children at school once a day, which gives the families more financial space. School-going child does not have to eat at home, which is a problem in many families.
The farming of the land has been done by the people who have been given books for adult education, this makes them feel like they deserve the books.
The harvest of June has been used for sale in order to set aside money for the construction of a storage room for the corn-cum-kitchen for cooking at school. Our foundation will support this project in 2021.
They are also going to grow peanuts on another piece of land for sale, to have money for the maintenance of the buildings