Emergency Aid

1982-1983 (Emergency Aid)
In 1982 famine prevailed in Malawi  after a failed harvest. With own resources, we started with food aid. In this year we have provided seeds and fertilizers, because due to the famine in the previous year, even the seed was eaten.

1984-1994 (help with study and sickness)
In these  years we have been using gifts from friends to offer individual help for several families with the study of children and help with illnesses.

1995 t / m 2005 (schooling children Misuku)
In this period we have assisted with the training of children. Two girls and one boy have completed high school. One of the girls has done one year pa and then married. The other girl has after high school followed higher professional education, then provide various courses like computer science and leadership. She now has an administrative job at the police.
The boy followed a mechanics course and a has achieved his  truck license and now works as a driver at the government.